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Dear Friends of Chile,

According to the priorities fixed by our General Assemblies from 2012 and 2013, the Chamber – on top of its recurrent activities – has focused its specific efforts upon fostering strategic alliances between Belgian and Chilean firms in the framework of the Business Summit held in Santiago at the end of January 2013 organized during the bi-regional Summit of heads of State and Government UE-CELAC and in view of the preparation of the next Business Summit which will be held in Brussels in 2015. 

The participation of the Chamber to the Santiago Business Summit was especially important for its strategy and the members responded with an exceptionally high active participation of seven members with their President. Indeed, the bilateral relations between the Europe and Latin America/Caribbean are now oriented towards the development of synergies between private firms of both regions, as a result of the initiative of the Chilean Presidency which organized this Summit. 

This diplomatic impulsion was supported by the EU authorities and especially by the Belgian ones, since Chile is viewed as a strategic partner for innovation and technologic investment, strengthening our economic and diplomatic interests in the Pacific rim. As a result the role of our Chamber is growing as a catalyst and an active intermediary for Belgian firms and projects in Chile and for Chilean ones in Belgium.  Chile is now at the top of the Latin American economies, not only for enjoying the highest level of GDP per head in Latin America and having the best other socio-economic indicators or about governance, but also by having the first rank in human development for this region, according to the UN indicator (not only the current one but also the new one corrected for social inequalities). Chile is ranked 41 among the 187 countries of the world, belonging to the first group enjoying the very advanced level of human development. 

It is the strategic interest of our firms to strengthen not only our presence in Chile but also the presence of Chilean firms in the Belgian economy, with a view to exploit our complementarities and to stimulate cooperation in innovation and technology in order to improve our competitiveness  for facing globalization. Our Chamber is at your disposition for contributing to develop initiatives in this direction and to respond to your demand for supporting Belgo-Chilean projects.


Christian Ghymers, President,

On behalf of our executive team

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