Services to firms

Assistance in finding the right partners within our reliable and trustworthy network in the following fields:

  1. Legal & Fiscal affairs
  2. Human Resources
  3. Strategy & Business development, R & D, fusion & aquisition
  4. Customized Chilean Market Assessments
  5. Logistic solutions

We are also happy to work with you to propose tailor made solutions including:

  1. Representation missions in Chile (meeting with potential customers, providers, development of business relationships…) for Belgium Societies or in Belgium for Chilean societies.
  2. Giving you exposure in our website (presenting your firm, posting partnership offers, posting advertisement bans…)
  3. Lobbying for specific projects and information
  4. Training for European employed or CEO sent to work in Chile or with Chilean companies
  5. Induction course on Chilean society and culture
  6. Assistance to companies for management and HR issues

Contacts :

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