Vision and mission

The Belgo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit making corporation (a.s.b.l) established under Belgian law, managed by a board of directors, head by a President elected by his General Assembly meeting.

The Chamber was created at the beginning of the years I950 and its statutes were revised at the time of the General Extraordinary Assembly of I4 February 2005. It counts about fifty regular members, but covers a broader network of institutional members or special friends involved with Chile or being Latin-Americans experts.

The Chamber – which does not aim at profit – points to supporting the development of
relationships between Belgium and Chile, and more particularly the strategic links established upon trade and financial exchanges, but also created from academic, scientific and cultural relations between the two countries. The actions of the Chamber use to focus in particular upon on what makes possible the improvement of mutual knowledge, contacts and strategic alliances between companies, associations and people of the two countries in a cooperative perspective for facing the challenges of a globalized world. In this context, and since its foundation 60 years ago, the Chamber has been using to pursue also cultural and academic goals, given the favourable economic spillovers that cultural and scientific cooperation brings, and taking into account the effectiveness for our companies to benefit from getting cultural information useful for doing business in Chile.

The advantage of its small size allows moreover personalized actions, tailor-made interventions or informal contacts, according to the needs expressed by its members and using the network of contacts built progressively by the Chamber and its members in six decades.
At the more traditional level of a typical Chamber of commerce, it lends services of information, analyse and support to the commercial interests of its members, but also on a case-by-case basis for specific firms or Belgian institutions, even if they are not full member, in a large range of actions, generally in co-operation with the public regional organizations of promotion of the foreign trade and the investments which provide now effective instruments and financial support to Belgian exporting companies. The Chamber concentrates especially on these actions the specific export promotion organisms are not in charge to deal with – or less able to do it – in a complementary and cooperative way. This covers from orientating firms towards the existing programmes and instruments at the EU level (European Commission mainly but also Eurochambers, Europe Business, European Investment Bank, European Parliament, Court of Justice, and European partners), up to some form of lobbying on a case-by-case basis, with Belgian and International organizations as well as with Chilean authorities or organizations. The extent of the address book of its members and its team is the main asset which ensures Chamber effectiveness.