Chile, this wonderful country stretched between sea and mountains, and mostly populated by European immigrants, is a tempting market. But how to set foot in? As usual fairs hold their office.

Economic missions of AWEX, led at the time by Prince Albert, used to get an idea of ​​the needs and to make contacts. During one of these missions we will find our future partner, not a Hispanic origin but a German, Albin Trotter. To explain the presence of this Mr. Trotter in Chile, we must go back to the 19th and first half of the 20th century when the Chilean government sponsored a massive emigration of Germans to populate southern Chile. The colonists settled especially around Valdivia, a small town on the Pacific coast, north of Patagonia. They worked hard, prospered, attracted other generations of compatriots to their little paradise, and still continue to print their cultural imprint on this region of Chile. Trotter, arrived in Valdivia in 1930 by Cape Horn, fleeing the great European recession and the gray sky of his country. On site, the industrious German community has already cleared: There are schools, a hospital, and a brewery to comfort the pioneers. But much remains to be done. Trotter started manufacturing metal parts of all kinds, water heaters, boilers etc. in a workshop that soon occupies 150 people. Administrative difficulties are legion, but Albin Trotter traces its furrow stubbornly. Political unrest sweeping the Chile does not deviate its path.

The fat years succeed the lean years and vice versa, but the Chilean commercial and administrative structures are clear, the country is clean and disciplined, and the security is insured.

ACV has created in 1993 November 11, the company LCA Trotter, a 50/50 joint venture with the Trotter family, the association works well around shared values.

Albin Trotter and his collaborators from the beginning aspire to become number one in the field of large plants for producing hot water and heating.

The first LCA Trotter year of existence already offer us very beautiful creations!


Valparaiso The Catholic University of Valparaiso

was completely modernized in 1993, and then again in 2014 to take advantage of the latest technological advances.


Some references of ACV Trotter in Chile


Estadio Ester Roa -Sede FIFA, Concepción

Hot water for the stadium and its premises – 9 Heatmaster 120 TC and 9 Jumbo 1000 distributed over 3 boilers pour

hotel hotel2  




Hotel W, Las Condes

Hot water and heating of the whole of the hotel, the gymnasium and the private buildings – 11 HeatMaster, including 5 HeatMaster 201. E

Minera Minera Radomiro Tomic, Antofagasta

Hot water for the cloakrooms of more than 1000 blue-collar workers – HeatMaster 201, Jumbo 1000



Hard Candie Fitness Chile, Las Condes

Hot water – 3 Prestige 120 and 2 Jumbo 1000