As it had been announced in the message of the President, our Chamber operates from now on from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brussels – BECI, 500 Louise Avenue, and in the framework of a Cluster of four bilateral chambers dedicated to the economies of the Pacific Alliance and those of the Common Market of Central America.

This co-operation with BECI and with three other chambers, is an additional advantage to the services offered to our members of Belgo-Chile who thus have access to the activities and information of their colleagues of Colombia, Peru and the eight economies of Central America covered by Euracen: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

On 19th April, a presentation event of this Cluster hosted at BECI was co-organized with the Belgian Export Club (see PowerPoints on this site), in the presence of the Minister Secretary of State Pieter De Crem. Him (see his speech) as well as BECI’s president, Mr. Marc Decorte and the Ambassadors of the countries covered by these four Chambers. The speakers have expressed their views and congratulated the initiative which thus strengthens the links between Belgium and these economies, but also increases the interest of these bilateral chambers and BECI for our Belgian firms, at the stage when our companies need to consolidate their presence in Latin America. Taking into account the fact that this Cluster offers the Belgian firms a tailor-made approach to a dynamic and open market (all having the agreement of association or free trade with the EU) of more than 3.000 billion dollars GDP and 270 million inhabitants, this Cluster constitutes an added value for Belgium and BECI, at the stage when the old protectionist demons threaten the assets of more than 70 years of multilateralism which ensured our prosperity.

As our members could have appreciated, in the course of the successive stages of the project, this initiative is the result of more than three years of negotiations and agreements with our colleagues of the other chambers and it reinforces our means of action from all points of view, while ensuring the perfect autonomy and specificity of our Belgo-Chilean Chamber.

With our new common secretariat of the Cluster, we are at your disposal at 500, Louise Avenue, 2nd floor, telephone number: 02/643.78.22 Email: