The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency (BFTA) handles the general coordination of joint economic missions presided by HRH Princess Astrid. The Princess recently succeeded to her brother HRH Prince Philippe following the enthronement of the latter on the 21th of July 2013. For each mission, an overall program is set up in close collaboration with the Wallonia Foreign Trade & Investment Agency (AWEX), Brussels Invest & Export (BIE), Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), the FPS Foreign Affairs and the bilateral Chambers of commerce. The latest mission in Chile, led by HRH Prince Philippe, took place in December 2011. The BFTA day-to-day management is ensured by a managing director, Mr. Marc Bogaerts, backed by a deputy managing director, Mrs. Fabienne L’Hoost.

Contact information:

Rue Montoyer, 3
1000 Brussels
+32 2 206 35 11


ProChile is the institution of the Foreign Ministry in charge of promoting exports and imports of products and services of all the country. Moreover, it encourages promotion and attraction of foreign investments as well as tourism development.