FPS Foreign Affairs

The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation strives to promote and defend the interests of Belgium and of all Belgian citizens operating abroad.  In addition to that, it tries to stimulate the consistency of Belgium’s foreign actions as a federal state. In the most general terms, the entity endeavours to contribute to the transition toward a world that would be safe, fair and prosperous. The FPS Foreign Affairs Central Administration consists of six General Directions:

  • Bilateral affairs
  • Consular affairs
  • Development cooperation
  • Coordination and European affairs
  • Legal affairs
  • Multilateral affairs and globalization

Those various General Directions are all overseen by Mr. Didier Reynders, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr.  Jean-Pascal Labille, the Minister of Development Cooperation.

 Contact information:

Egmont 1, Rue des Petits Carmes, 15
1000 Brussels
+32 2 501 80 60


ProChile is the institution of the Foreign Ministry in charge of promoting exports and imports of products and services of all the country. Moreover, it encourages promotion and attraction of foreign investments as well as tourism development.