Flanders Investment & Trade is the Flemish Agency that handles international trade. It promotes Flanders as an investing area for international corporations in order to foster those to establish in the region.  In addition to that, it supports Flemish companies in their approach of international development. Those companies, whatever their nationalities, can benefit from FIT’s thorough expertise and from a wide network of national and international partners.

Main export services provided by FIT:

  • Financial assistance intended to SME’s willing to invest abroad.
  • Source of information and of answers to questions dealing with specific countries or sectors, notably in terms of commercial practices and of regulation.
  • Networking with a large number of potential clients or partners.
  • Consulting services provided by experts in international trade.
  • Personalized support thanks to FIT offices set up in each Flemish Province.
  • Confidential advising and guiding of foreign firms for their investing projects in Flanders.

Information data of the different FIT offices in Flanders:


ProChile is the institution of the Foreign Ministry in charge of promoting exports and imports of products and services of all the country. Moreover, it encourages promotion and attraction of foreign investments as well as tourism development.