VOKA is the Flemish Network of Enterprises. It includes more than 18,000 companies in Flanders and in Brussels, accounting for 66% of Flanders’ value-added. As the most influential network of entrepreneurs and organizations in Flanders, VOKA aims at creating a suitable framework that favours entrepreneurship in order to contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the Flemish Region. VOKA was creating following the merger between the VEV (Flemish Economic Trade Unions) and the eight Flemish Chambers of Commerce.

Export services provided by VOKA:

  • Information and assistance as regards all administrative documents required before undertaking export activities.
  • Organizing of annual commercial missions in countries that are attractive in terms of investment potential.
  • Provision of a large contact network.
  • Trainings and seminars in international trade.
  • VOKA advisors (« VOKAwijzers ») experts in internationalization matters.

Contact information of the different VOKA’s Chambers of Commerce in Belgium:


ProChile is the institution of the Foreign Ministry in charge of promoting exports and imports of products and services of all the country. Moreover, it encourages promotion and attraction of foreign investments as well as tourism development.