Walloon competitiveness poles


BioWin, the acronym of Biotechnologies, Wallonia and Innovation, is the Walloon competitiveness pole specialised in health issues. Its role is to federate all Walloon players involved in innovative projects and/or trainings in connection with biotechnologies and health. One of the BioWin pole’s vocation is to help its member to become international.

Contact information:

Avenue Georges Lemaître, 19
6041 Gosselies
+32 71 37 63 86


Being a recognized competitiveness pole, GreenWin operates in view of the economic development of Wallonia by fostering an industrial dynamic in the region. The pole includes, within the same network, numerous players involved in the development of green economy. All GreenWin members can benefit from a large degree of international openness, what is essential for the working out and the implementation of sustainable projects.

Contact information:

Maison de l’Industrie, Rue Auguste Piccard, 20
6041 Gosselies
+32 71 91 92 84

Logistics in Wallonia

Logistics in Wallonia is the Walloon economic pole tackling Transport & Logistics matters. Its main objective is to develop transport and logistics activities throughout Wallonia. To achieve this goal, the pole rely on supportive actions led toward innovation, but also on networking of all players active in the sector and on advertising campaigns carried out in collaboration with the AWEX.

Contact information:

Liege Airport, Bâtiment 52
4460 Grâce-Hollogne
+32 4 225 50 60


MecaTech is the Walloon competitiveness pole dealing with mechanical engineering. It brings together around a blooming field such as mechanical engineering all companies and research or training units. The MecaTech pole’s international dimension is translated in several ways: the international dimension of the projects, the international recognition of the pole and the attraction of foreign investors so that they turn to Wallonia.

Contact information:

Route de Hannut, 40
5004 Bouge
+32 81 20 68 50


SkyWin is the aerospace Walloon competitiveness pole. It strives to develop a partnership approach between various players with a view to bringing about synergies around common innovative projects, as well as to creating and maintaining employment in Walloon firms active in the sector. One of SkyWin main objectives is to help the whole of Walloon aeronautical and space companies to become movers and shakers in specialized segments of the world market.

Contact information:

Chemin du Stocquoy, 3
1300 Wavre
+32 10 47 19 44


Wagralim is the Walloon competitiveness pole in charge of the agribusiness. The pole aims at strengthening firms’ competitiveness and raising productivity and employment in the sector by counting on innovation, partnership and worldwide openness. Walagrim intends to gradually lead its members to an international dimension, notably in terms of research and access to technology. In this respect, the whole of the member firms can be given the pole’s support on the international stage.

Contact information:

Bâtiment Regain,
Rue Phocas Lejeune, 25
5032 Gembloux
+32 81 72 85 40


ProChile is the institution of the Foreign Ministry in charge of promoting exports and imports of products and services of all the country. Moreover, it encourages promotion and attraction of foreign investments as well as tourism development.