Signature on November 14th at Brussels, in presence of the President of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, by the two Bilateral Chambers of Commerce (Brussels and Santiago) of a cooperation agreement creating the “Belgo-Chilean Economic Council”.

This Council is specific to the Chambers of Commerce and the firms from both countries; it consists in opening a formal forum of stakeholders interested and involved in developing bilateral relationships across the two economies through the existing institutions and associations, and especially drawing upon the two Chambers of Commerce. The main purpose is to stimulate the identification of agreements and cooperative strategies between firms presenting complementarities and allowing for a strengthening of their competitiveness on third markets. For this, the Chambers of Commerce want to reinforce their cooperation and increase their visibility and operations through this agreement.

In the same spirit, our Chamber proposed the extension of this Economic Council to the Chilean-Luxembourger Chamber of Commerce of Luxemburg, with which it already enjoys an agreement for doble membership and mutual representation. The idea is to transform the Economic Council into a Belgo-Luxembourgo-Chilean one. The decision is presently in the hands of our Luxembourger partners.