Will be held in Santiago de Chile on the 18-19 of October 2017.

The 2017 International Digital Development Exhibition is the biggest encounter between state entities, municipalities, citizens and the main companies of digital technologies development and Smart Cities of Chile and Latin America. The 2017 Exhibition is organized by the State Modernization and Digital Government Unit of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency, UMyGD. It will be a unique meeting between state agents and the private sector of new technologies, around exhibitors of technology providers and specialized conferences. It will be an opportunity to meet with key ministries, government agencies and municipalities of Chile, interested in promoting the use of information and communication technologies for the management of their cities and for the development of relevant public policies.

The 2017 International Digital Development Exhibition will host the following events:
  • IV Meeting of the Digital Municipalities of Chile, organized by the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency.
  • IV International Meeting of Modernization of Local Government, organized by the Organization of American States, OAS and CEPAL (United Nations Office for Latin America and the Caribbean).
  • Exhibition of the State and Municipal Institutions on their main digital projects serving the citizens.
  • Exhibition of the main technological suppliers of the national and international markets.
  • Review of the implementation of 2020 Chile’s Digital Agenda. Exhibition of the main measures taken. Organization of various technological workshops for children, the elderly and the general public.
What are the main themes that will be addressed during the IDDE?
  • The incorporation of Municipalities in the intensive use of ICTs, which will be discussed during the IV meeting of the Digital Municipalities of Chile and during the IV International Meeting of Modernization of Local Governments.
  • Chile’s Digital Agenda: State of play of the main measures in telecommunications: connectivity, digital economy, state modernization, digital government and Open Data.
  • “Intelligent Industries” Program of the agency of the Chilean Ministry of Economy.
  • Massification and simplification of the online procedures, through the ChileAtiende website, as well as the instruments of the CORFO agency: “Escritorio Ciudadano and Empresas”
Who is the IDDE for?
  • In the private sector, to all providers of connectivity, digital development, visa quality, support, e-government start-ups, new products intended to facilitate the connection between the State and the Citizens.
  • In the public sector, to all state institutions and municipalities, interested in increasing the use of New Technologies to improve the quality of life of people, economic growth and local development.
Audience to visit the IDDE?
  • The 2017 version of IDDE is proposing to bring together, in the first place, the main public officials in charge of modernization and digital government of the Ministries and Municipalities of Chile and who are interested in the digital economy, in digital inclusion of people, industries and SMEs.
  • The aim is to compare Chilean experiences with European experiences in this area.
  • Fundraising negotiations are under way for the organization of a European stand.
  • Also, 2017 IDDE will be an excellent opportunity for the general public to learn about the latest trends, products and services in connectivity, digitization and virtual services offered by the best exhibiting companies and government entities.